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  Amy's legacy is how she led her life. Hers is a legacy of inspiration, not tragedy. Amy was an extraordinary example of dedication, perseverance, courage, and compassion. She lived her life to the fullest, never accepting failure in any of her pursuits. It was her goal to become the best and to use her talents to improve the world. She believed it was her duty, as a person afforded opportunity and education, to actively seek social change for those not so fortunate. It was her dedication and courage that continues to inspire so many people throughout the world.

Amy's legacy lives inside so many people. It drives her mother to continue her work and flourishes among the staff of the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust in Cape Town. Her legacy has inspired young people in the United States and has been a source of opportunity to thousands of South African youth. Amy's legacy thrives in the hearts of all of us who knew her and thousands of people she never met who have been inspired by her story. Perhaps most amazingly, her legacy lives through two men who played a big role in her death. Today, Ntobeko Peni and Easy Nofemela spread Amy's legacy throughout their community in South Africa. It is their transformation that truly represents the powerful legacy of Amy Biehl. Their transformation is what Amy was working for.


Peace Talks Radio: Compelling radio interviews with LINDA BIEHL & EASY NOFEMELA about the TRC and their perspectives today.

LINDA BIEHL wins the Words of Women 2015 Essay of the Year.
Congratulations to WILL KENDALL who is set to become an MLK Scholar at St. Louis University in the Fall of 2015! We are proud of you.
Congratulations to our friend Deepa Bharath for an amazing article on the new book The Forgiveness Project: Hundreds of stories from around the world on forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.
Congratulations to Carole Sams Hoemeke our ABF USA board member who just received the Volunteer of the Year Award in Forsyth County Schools after 23 years working in schools professionally and as a volunteer.
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